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Why Is Special Permission Needed for Cruising in the Galapagos?

The Galapagos ecosystem is unique and delicate. In order to protect the pristine waters, amazing wildlife, and diverse array of plants, the Ecuadorian government requires visiting boats and yachts to take special measures. These include obtaining a Galapagos Cruising Permit, documentation that the vessel has been fumigated and had the hull cleaned prior to entry, and passing inspection upon arrival.


Many yacht owners, sailors, and captains find the list of requirements for permission to navigate in the Galapagos overwhelming. The process can be lengthy and there are fees involved. That’s where Y.A.G comes in. We can help you through the application process and get the permits needed for an easy trip.

30-day permit - Port to Port

All sailing and motor yachts that plan to navigate to the islands need a Galapagos cruising permit, known as an AUTÓGRAFO.

Each entry permit is unique to a particular vessel and itinerary. It is authorized and issued by the Ecuadorian Government.


A 30-day permit allows visitor vessels to enter the inhabited ports, according to their registered itinerary, for up to 30 days. An extra 30 days is possible if the extension request is approved.


In addition to the port of entry, the cruising permit enables the vessel to visit:


Pto. Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal Island

Pto. Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

Pto. Villamil, Isabela Island

Pto. Seymour, Baltra Island (Fuel Station)



The application process takes time. We advise submitting the paperwork at least 60 days prior to your visit. 


Let us handle the application process for you; click the button to get started.

Documents required for this Cruising Permit

  • Copy of the Yacht Registration
  • Copy of the Yacht Insurance or P&I
  • Copy of the AIS Certificate or Ship Station License
  • Crew List and copy of Passports for all guest and crew members

Checklist for requirements for the inspection upon arrival

If you’re not sure what your yacht needs for the inspection upon arrival in the Galapagos, don’t worry. Yacht Agents Galapagos provides assistance at every stage of the process. Get started by looking over the requirements.

Requirements for Visiting the Protected Areas with your Own Vessel

  • Entry Permit (Autógrafo)
  • Pay Cruising Fees
  • Copy of Passports for all Guest and Crew Members
  • Copy of the Yacht Registration
  • Copy of the Yacht P&I Insurance

Vessels visiting protected areas in the Galapagos

Yachts can plan private cruises within the Galapagos National Park, but entry to the protected area requires extra authorization.


In addition to the 30-day Cruising Permit (Autógrafo) mentioned above, each vessel visiting the protected natural area must register their itinerary with the Park. They must also have a licensed naturalist guide onboard.


Let us handle the National Park application process and custom itineraries for you. Click the button to get started; we will send you a detailed checklist with all the requirements.

Fuel stop in the Galapagos

Megayachts and sailing yachts can request a Short Stop Bunkering Permit for the purpose of refueling. Inquire about the requirements to apply for a Short Stop Bunkering Permit in the Galapagos.

Emergency Stop in the Galapagos 72-HR Permit

Unfortunately, emergencies can strike when you’re out at sea. Any vessel in need can request permission to make an emergency stop in the Galapagos through a yacht agency.


Emergency permits are for 72 hours and is granted for serious mechanical or medical reasons. No cruising permit is required. The navy authority of the Galapagos and the harbor master will inspect the vessel and verify the emergency situation upon arrival. Port entry fees may also be applied.


Permit for Scientific Expeditions in the Galapagos

The protected area and marine reserve in the Galapagos are the protagonists of many scientific expeditions and research projects. In order to safeguard this beautiful and unique ecosystem, scientific expeditions must meet a number of requirements.


Yacht agents can be particularly helpful in successfully obtaining permits application due to it is a  complex process.


We advise starting the application process at least 6 months in advance.